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I have the following collection example:

  _id: 'asdfjklsfo',
  name: 'My name',
  sections: [
      title: 'my title'
      title: 'second title'

And I want all the sections to have a unique id so that I can easily add/remove sections.

How can I create a unique id for each section?

This is the current method I have to add a new section:

collection.findAndModify({id: id}, {$push:{sections:{title: 'New title'}}}, {new: true})

I'm using Monk as my DBI

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I eventually found the answer in the Monk documentation under Casting. // returns new generated ObjectID

In this case users is a collection from var users= db.get('users') so just calling .id() generates a unique id.

So in my case, I just had to do

collection.findAndModify({_id: id}, {$push:{sections:{section_id:, name: name, description: description}}})
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