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Should I spend time implementing LDAP for authentication in my web application(php)? Is it a 'dead' technology?

If it is what are the alternatives? and, if its not, what are good resources i can use? (books, tutorials)

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LDAP is certainly not a dead technology. In web applications in general, perhaps, but we use LDAP authentication for a good deal of our intranet-based applications. So if you think your application might run inside an office somewhere, LDAP would be appreciated more than likely.

In addition, LDAP makes for a good way of abstracting authentication over lots of different means, Active Directory, Kerberos, even normal SQL-based authentication.

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It's certainly not dead. Whether you should implement it in you application depends entirely on you user / customer base and what their needs are.

The new hotness however is federated / claims-based identity. These approaches allow you to completely decouple your authentication from your app. Check out OpenID (used on this site) and SAML.

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Note: OpenID doesn't completely replace LDAP, only the authentication (not authorization part). OAuth provides a universal (cross-platform, distributed) means of requesting permission on a protected resource, however the OAuth provider still needs to perform authorization (ACL) logic. An LDAP directory can be used to store roles associated with a user, which is very helpful. – Hendy Irawan Dec 7 '10 at 13:15
In addition, tools like Apache Directory Studio ( makes it easy to manage entries in an LDAP Directory. – Hendy Irawan Dec 7 '10 at 13:16

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