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Having a hard time to get cookies to work in our production environment. Our Rails app is sitting behind haproxy. Haproxy does all the SSL work and then transmits the decrypted requests to rails.

  • I am checking for ?partner=XXX in the application controller. When the param is present I want to set a cookie.
  • When the user signs up, I check if the cookie is set, then associate the user to a given partner.

It works in development, but not in production. In development every request is handled directly, not behind haproxy.

before_filter :set_partner_cookie # Sets a cookie that will create an association when the user finishes # signup. This way we can track affiliate signups. def set_partner_cookie ref_value = params[:partner] || params[:partner_id] || params[:ref] || params[:r] if ref_value cookies['partner'] = { :value => ref_value, :expires => 30.days.from_now, :domain => :all } end end


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I have no idea how to solve this cookie issue. But alternatively: could you not store the partner in the session? –  nathanvda May 9 at 19:54

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