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I have the following data model

enter image description here

I am trying to get a have a Servicio given a Auth_Token of a Tecnico and id of a Servicio, but I get the following error appears

enter image description here

This is my code


Route::post('servicio/download/{id}', array('uses' => 'ServicioController@pdf'));

Servicio model

class Servicio extends Eloquent{
protected $table  = 'Servicio';
protected $fillable = array(
protected $primaryKey = 'idServicio';

public function materialUsado(){
    return $this->hasMany('Material_Usado', 'idMaterial_Usado');

public function tecnicos(){
    return $this->belongsToMany('Tecnico', 'Servicio_Tecnico', 'Servicio_idServicio', 'Tecnico_idTecnico');

Tecnico Model

class Tecnico extends Eloquent{
protected $table = 'Tecnico';
protected $fillable = array('Auth_Token');
protected $primaryKey = 'idTecnico';

public function servicios(){
    return $this->belongsToMany('Servicio', 'Servicio_Tecnico', 'Tecnico_idTecnico', 'Servicio_idServicio');


class ServicioController extends BaseController{

public function pdf($id){
    $auth = Input::get('Auth_Token');
    $tecnico = Tecnico::with('servicios')->where('Auth_Token',$auth)->firstOrFail();
        if($tecnico != ''){
            $servicios = $tecnico->servicios;
            $servicio = $servicio->where('idServicio', $id)->first();
            if($servicio != null){
                $array = array(
                            'idServicio' => $servicio->idServicio,
                            'RutaPDF' => base64_encode($servicio->RutaPDF),
                $response = Response::json($$array);
                return $response;
                $array = array('Error' => '', 'Code' => '');
                return Response::json($array);
            $array = array('Error' => 'NotAuthorizedError', 'Code' => '403', 'Message' => 'Tecnico inexistente');
            $response = Response::json($array);
            return $response;


how can I fix it?

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You are using this:

$tecnico = Tecnico::with('servicios')->where('Auth_Token',$auth)->firstOrFail();

In this case, firstOrFail throws Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\ModelNotFoundException exception if it doesn't find the requested model and hence it could be because the model with that Auth_Token field is not available.

Make sure the Auth_Token is right and that Auth_Token is available in your database. You may try a dd(Input::get('Auth_Token')) to check what you have recieved from the POST submitted by the user.

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