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My studio toolbox icons are all messed up. Is there a way to fix them?

alt text

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If you do not have custom controls just reset the toolbox. Right-click on toolbox then click reset.

Here are a couple posts with some more discussion about the problem: and

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You could

  1. Export all you existing settings/customizations (minus the Toolbox settings)
  2. Reset the entire Visual Studio environment back to one of the base options
  3. Import the options saved earlier (you didn't export the Toolbox settings so this will stay as default)

Like so

  1. Goto Tools > Import and Export settings > Export selected environment settings.
  2. In the dialog check everything expect the 'Toolbox' option under the 'General' tree item. Continue to save this to a known location.
  3. Goto Tools > Import and Export settings > Reset all settings. Don't bother saving, just overwrite with whatever you want.
  4. Goto Tools > Import and Export settings > Import selected environment settings and choose the file you exported to ealier on.
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Just close Visual Studio & remove the *.tbd files from the C:\Users{user}\AppData\Local\Microsoft\VisualStudio\8.0 location and restart VS. It will resolve this issue.

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