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I have a SCSS build working from Grunt that takes files in a "build" directory and outputs them to a "deploy" directory.

Is it possible to split off a single file -- the primary CSS file -- and have it output not only to the deploy directory but also on to a production server? That's the only file that will be changed now that the site is live.

I know Capistrano can do something like this, but it's probably not worth it on our end to add more technology to the workflow. So is it possible within Grunt?

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Better not having the compass grunt contrib do this for you but you using a grunt contrib to copy the deploy file on the production server with the protocol you wan't. –  lib3d Apr 25 at 18:42
Why is it "Better not having the compass grunt contrib do this for you?" –  Dave Kaye Apr 25 at 19:43
In a modular world, one care about optimizing, one care about replicating. But, it's only conceptual concerns. Moreover it is a solution to your issue. Ho, yeah your question is: "is it possible to ..", so there I can't answer ;) –  lib3d Apr 25 at 20:56
Oh yes, I agree with you completely. Believe me when I tell you it's not me who's asking that we do this... –  Dave Kaye Apr 25 at 21:46

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Rather than modify the configuration of your css generation task which could result in a second copy being compiled, you can utilize an additional entry under grunt-copy:

styles: {
    expand: true,
    dot: true,
    cwd: 'deploy/styles',
    dest: 'other/styles',
    src: 'filename.css'

Take care that you aren't calling the entire copy task elsewhere in your Gruntfile, and when you call this instance you'll use 'copy:styles'.

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Will this work across a network or is that another question entirely? The idea is to push the resultant CSS file into its home directory on the server. –  Dave Kaye Apr 30 at 22:51
That would depend on what transports are available. There are many grunt plugins that allow for the use of various transports (file, sftp, WebDAV, etc.) –  Jason Aller Apr 30 at 22:57
Thanks Jason! I see what I have to do now. –  Dave Kaye Jun 4 at 16:24

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