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I am reusing a tinymce control in an application. Basically I open the tinymce toolbar on the click of a link / button. I use the toolbar to select for instance bold or undo some text and then close the tinymce. When I open the tinymce again for another link / button the toolbar selections I had made the first time still seem to be clicked. For instance:

Opening tinymce first time, I select bold:

enter image description here

I then simply close the tiny mce and later open it up for another field, when I open it up for another field the B setting is still enabled (button is pushed in as shown in the image above). Is there a way to programitically reset the toolbar selections upon opening the tinymce. I looked at their documentation and found nothing

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Looks like a pretty duplicate of stackoverflow.com/questions/4651676/… –  Dominik George Apr 28 at 13:54
@jonH can you delete the cookies or disable cookies. it is storing your previous selection. –  Amit May 2 at 10:00
@AmitAgrawal That is definitely not a good solution. –  JonH May 6 at 17:07

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A way you can try is reloading the entire tinyMCE. Try using this code in order to remove it:

tinyMCE.execCommand('mceRemoveControl', true, 'editor_id');

And then init it again:

  /* TinyMCE options */
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Please see their page - CLick here

removeformat : [
{selector : 'b,strong,em,i,font,u,strike', remove : 'all', split : true, expand : false, block_expand : true, deep : true},
{selector : 'span', attributes : ['style', 'class'], remove : 'empty', split : true, expand : false, deep : true},
{selector : '*', attributes : ['style', 'class'], split : false, expand : false, deep : true}

write this code in init method.

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This does not explain or point out what you are fixing, please clarify. –  JonH May 2 at 12:16
You saying in your question that you checked their documentation, but the piece of code I have written above, is right from the documentation page and that page URL is - tinymce.com/wiki.php/Configuration%3aformats. On this page, scroll to bottom, read up there, they have written that if you want to RESET / Clear the formats of tinymce toolbar, you may use the "removeformat: [bla bla bla]' part in the init method of the tinymce toolbar. Now, is that clear? Remove that down vote because answer tells it all. One has to write short answers. –  india_developer May 4 at 1:44
that removes a "specific format" can you imagine how long this would be to explicitly state that. Please re-read the question. –  JonH May 5 at 15:43
@JonH can u give any fiddle or link? i want to see the live problem. b'coz i am unable to understand that my suggestion won't work for you. –  india_developer May 6 at 7:01
only thing I could do is a gotomeeting, no fiddles for this as there is just too much there. –  JonH May 6 at 17:00

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