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I'm trying to learn the different scopes in Java Play, understand their uses and how they differ. Can anyone let me know if any of the below is incorrect?

Request scope

This scope exists for a single request. It includes data sent from the client relevant to this request. It includes data from forms, for example. It's available in the action method that a request is sent to.

Response scope

We can use the response() object in a controller in two ways:

1) It can be used to set the content type of the resulting HTML page. So in this case the data in our response scope is created in our action method, and it's available during the rendering phase in our view.

2) Response can also be used to set cookies on the client, using response().setCookie. These cookies, though set using the response() object, do not have any explicit scope. They continue to exist until either the user deletes them, or we discard it using response().discardCookies.

Flash scope

This scope is available for the current request, and the next request. It's useful when doing redirects, for example.

Session scope

This is effectively the same as doing setCookie in response(). This cookie continues to exist until the user clears their cookies.


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