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I am building an application that makes numerous facebook api calls using it's PHP SDK 3.2.3 (the latest up to this date). Since these operations can take a long time to run (up to several minutes, which will later be improved through FQL), I have opted to let the user use the system while the lengthy operation is activated via AJAX to run in background. The problem is that other short operations are called via AJAX during the user's interaction, but they don't take place while the long operation is running.

I'm aware that you can call the function session_write_close() BEFORE running the long operation in order to make the server able to respond other calls while this operation is running. But strangely it isn't working this time. I think that Facebook's SDK is calling functions that forces the server to not answer other requests while that long operation is still running.

Does anyone know why session_write_close() is not working? What should I do? Please, help!

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