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I am very new to javascript.

I need a nav bar at the top to disappear and get replace by a smaller one at a certain scrolltop period. Once I reach a certain scroll top number I need the function to be executed and stay "faded-out" until you scroll back up to the same scroll top number. I have been experimenting with this:

<script type="text/javascript">
$(window).scroll(function () {
if ($(document).scrollTop() > 250 ) {
    $('.subhead, .navbar-brand').fadeIn(0.1);

} else {
    $('.subhead, .navbar-brand').fadeOut(0.1);

The problem I have right now its doing alot of funky things. At 250 it work ok, but is unable to do the reverse when scrolling up and when I change the number, at some point while scrolling down it goes back to its original state.

Please let me know how my code looks? Is there a more accurate/ correct way to go about this?

Thank you so much!


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I'll encourage you to make a fiddle ;) –  mdesdev Apr 25 at 20:18
It looks really messy..jsfiddle.net/NotJavascriptFriendly/F38As I am using boostrap. –  NotJavascriptFriendly Apr 26 at 1:31
Ok, here's a FIDDLE. Is that what you want? –  mdesdev Apr 26 at 11:41
Amazing! Thank you so much!! –  NotJavascriptFriendly Apr 26 at 20:05
You're welcome ;) –  mdesdev Apr 26 at 20:11

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