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We can see different abbreviations for same acronym in the software industry.

Where can I find the actual list of acronym used in the design patterns and other parts of the projects and their abbreviation?

Say for example :

  • TDD : Test Driven Development/Design;
  • ORM : Object-Relational Mapping.

Thanks Gabi

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For generic IT industry...


Not sure if there is one specific for software design patterns...

Check out martin fowlers site for more information!! http://martinfowler.com/

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wikipedia.org is a great way to find what acroynyms mean.


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Acronym Finder can help in some ways but even it has its limits, which is especially true for TLAs, FLAs, and SLAs. For those confused by those last few acronyms LA means Letter Acronym, which should make it pretty easy to guess the other letters. For example, is BA meaning a Business Analyst or Bachelor of Arts, similar for what is BS, for what it is worth.

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There are no FLAs, just ETLAs. –  aehiilrs Feb 24 '10 at 23:02

You can use the google search tool define:acronym. It always works for me.

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