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I have set up Remote system explorer(RSE) in eclipse. I use it to access a remote Linux server. I need to change my remote server password every two months at my work place. Everytime I change it, my new password works for a day and then my account gets locked. I cannot access my account from putty also now.

Normally the account gets locked if you enter the wrong password 16 times and we need to contact our admin.

Does eclipse store the RSE passwords internally?? Because this problem has started after I have set up RSE on my eclipse. My admin says, maybe eclipse still has the old password and your new password is not refelcted in eclipe. Hence eclipse tries to login by default 16 times and the account gets locked. I haven't selected "Save password" checkbox anytime. The why does eclipse store the password?? Any help in this regard would be appreciated. Thanks

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