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I'm using FQL to get the FB comments from a series of webpages. I first do a query to get the object_id, and then use that to get all the comments. This is what the call looks like, object id and app access token are known and used. The timestamp limiting is to keep it within a specific date range.


It works fabulously... except on some of the pages. On most pages it returns all the comments (up to 4000, no problem), on some pages the FQL is only returning the last 3 comments, on another only the last 1. What's weird about the page where the FQL only returns the last comment is that if I post a new comment it will then only return that new comment... the previous comment it had returned it now ignores. From that I can surmise that the breakdown isn't with the specific comment or commenter, but something to do with the object itself... I guess.

I actually have no idea why it's breaking down. Other posts about the FB Graph just say it's unreliable because it's optimized to be fast, but I consistently get limited returns on a few pages and they always suffer the exact same limitation.

Any ideas?

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When I said that I "first do a query to get the object_id" I was being inaccurate. I'm actually getting it from the Graph, and I found that on these problem pages I can get the correct number of comments from the graph. The Graph solution has it's own problem though, which is why I wen to FQL. The Graph is actually far less accurate, usually, especially when dealing with numbers in the hundreds. Point is, the data is there in the graph, FQL just isn't getting it. –  Jason Seabaugh Apr 25 '14 at 23:58

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