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I am so lost. I am trying to understand how to place placemarks into a global variable.

We have the following code:

// prepare placemark
    var placemark = earth.createPlacemark("");
    placemark.setName(PASSENGERS[i].name + " to " + PASSENGERS[i].house);

    // prepare icon
    var icon = earth.createIcon("");
    icon.setHref(url + "/img/" + PASSENGERS[i].username + ".jpg");

    // prepare style
    var style = earth.createStyle("");

    // prepare stylemap
    var styleMap = earth.createStyleMap("");

    // associate stylemap with placemark

    // prepare point
    var point = earth.createPoint("");

    // associate placemark with point

we have a global variable called PASSENGERS

so I tried PASSENGERS[i].placemark =placemark; but i just get a null object. I've tried console.log(placemark) but again I just get a null object.

Is placemark an object? If it is how come I can't get any data, if it isn't what is it? very confused. the google api documentation is hard to follow. help

Is placemark a function? but then why declare it as a var. If it is a function how do I place it in PASSENGERS.

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 var placemark = earth.createPlacemark(PASSENGERS[i].ID);

From then on, you can reference the placemark using this

 var referencedPlacemark = earth.getElementById(ID);

The ID must be unique

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