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I'm trying to learn how to map the entities/actors/objects/things in my application for storage in Cassandra. There was a great tutorial for Redis on modeling Twitter data and typical access patterns called Retwis [1]. I've found a couple of examples for Cassandra.

How did you start to gain an intuition for Cassandra's data model?

[1] http://retwis.antirez.com/

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http://github.com/ericflo/twissandra is a twitter clone in the same vein as retwis, originally for 0.3 and now being updated for 0.6. Catch erifclo in #cassandra on irc if you have questions.

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Nice. Do you know of any other similar exercises? I am not finding (m)any. –  z8000 Feb 25 '10 at 16:02
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