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I am trying to define a main method that asks the user for an input (x). If the value is >= 0, it asks for another input (y). But if the value was < 0 the player has three chances to enter a correct value, otherwise he exits the game. This is what I have until now:

Scanner keyboard = new Scanner(System.in);
final int NUMBER_OF_TRIES = 3;
boolean correctNumber = false;
int attemptNumber = 0;
int x = keyboard.nextInt();

while (x < 0)
    System.out.println("Must not be negative.");
    System.out.print("Initial x: ");
    int x = keyboard.nextInt(); keyboard.nextLine(); 

    if (x >= 0)
        correctNumber = true;
        System.out.println("Incorrect answer");

    if(x < 0 && attemptNumber == NUMBER_OF_TRIES)
        System.out.println("Too many errors. Exiting.");

But as I already defined 'x', I cannot do it again inside the loop. I think my problem is really simple but I cannot figure out a way to fix that. Does anyone know how?

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Your question doesn't really make sense. Why are you worried about redefining 'x'? What is the problem? Error message? Unexpected output? –  Daniel Apr 26 at 3:16

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If the condition to exit the loop is to enter a negative value 3 times, then use that as the actual condition. Code should be easier to read as well.

incorrectAttempts = 0;

while (incorrectAttempts < 3)

get new value

value invalid?
 yes: incorrectAttempts = incorrectAttempts + 1;
 no: do anything else;
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It looks like this might work if you just remove "int " from line 12. You don't need to declare the variable there since you have already declared it.

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