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I'm using an IPython notebook (ipython notebook &), but when I try to print something to get any output by simply giving the variable name ans pressing Shift + Enter, instead of getting the output in notebook (next to the cell), I get it in the terminal from where I launch the notebook. I want to see the output in the notebook itself, next to the concerned cell. I'm facing this problem lately, previously it was working fine.

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I have noticed this bug before, resulting from loading particular modules (which presumably presumably play with the standard streams). I think it is a bug. (Make sure your IPython is up-to-date, though!) –  joeln Apr 26 at 11:21
What libraries have you imported? Does this always happen from the very beginning of every notebook? What version of IPython and Python, and what OS? –  minrk Apr 30 at 22:17
I'm importing nltk, pickle, csv, pandas, xlrd, numpy, string, re, sys, collections and itertools. Yes this happens for every print statement, right from the start of notebook. This is IPython version 1.1.0 and Python version 2.7.6. I'm using Ubuntu 14.04 with Firefox 28.0. –  theharshest May 1 at 2:08

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