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I have set of Ajax calls. And those calls has to be called group by. For ex: I Need to call Ajax calls in following manner.

var ajaxCallListGroupBy = [["AjxStep_11", "AjxStep_12", "AjxStep_13"],["AjxStep_21", "AjxStep_22", "AjxStep_23"]];

Once first index of array Ajax calls finished, we need to call second index of array Ajax calls.

So, i was using below machanism to call ajax calls. But, page is getting hanged.

function callGroupByAjaxCalls(newIndex){
        orderOneAjaxCount = 0;
        var listOfQueries = ajaxCallListGroupBy[newIndex];
        groupCalls = listOfQueries.length;
        for (var currIndex=0,len=listOfQueries.length; currIndex<len; currIndex++){ 

        if(ajaxCallListGroupBy.length>1){//To check how many times we have to iterate
            if(newIndex < (ajaxCallListGroupBy.length-1) && (orderOneAjaxCount >= ajaxCallListGroupBy[newIndex].length)){
                console.log("After 3 secs orderOneAjaxCount "+orderOneAjaxCount);
        }else if(ajaxCallListGroupBy.length <= newIndex){//To check index already reached to actual calls
            console.log("no need of further calls. Alreay all ajax calls hit from APP");
        }else if(ajaxCallListGroupBy.length == newIndex){ //If there is only one set of ajax calls there
            console.log("only one set of ajax calls. So no need to call any other ajax call");
            console.log("handle new use case");

function plsWait(index){
        var flg = true;
        console.log("orderOneAjaxCount = "+orderOneAjaxCount+" ajaxCallListGroupBy[index].length ="+ajaxCallListGroupBy[index].length);
        if(!(orderOneAjaxCount >= ajaxCallListGroupBy[index].length)){

            if(!(orderOneAjaxCount >= ajaxCallListGroupBy[index].length)){
        return flg;

Note: orderOneAjaxCount will be incremented at each ajax call.

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unable to format. Till Note, every thing is javascript code only –  pradeep cs Apr 26 at 5:15
what do you think,where may be the problem? –  jQuery.PHP.JAVA.net Apr 26 at 5:18
Do you realize that setTimeout(plsWait(newIndex),1000); is NOT waiting before calling plsWait(). It's being called immediately. You have to pass a function reference (a function name without parens). –  jfriend00 Apr 26 at 5:35
jfriend00.. you mean to say we shouldn't pass function with parameters in setTimeout method? –  pradeep cs Apr 26 at 6:13
you could wrap the plsWait(newIndex) call in a closure. i.e. setTimeout(function(){plsWait(newIndex)},1000); –  PottyBert Apr 30 at 11:11

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If you're using YUI, I'd recommend that you look at Y.io.queue. It should help you schedule those requests correctly. See: http://yuilibrary.com/yui/docs/io/#queue

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