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My client side code is as follows where I am sending some data to the server to just print out the output. But when it returns from the server I get a empty listgrid record. what is the cause for this.

Here is the screen shot of the issue

enter image description here

if (fieldName.equals("Approve"))
IButton button = new IButton();
button.addClickHandler(new ClickHandler()
    public void onClick(ClickEvent event)
        DebugTools.print("SOID " + record.getAttribute("supplierOrderID") + " SODID" + record.getAttribute("sodID")+" sordID "+record.getAttribute("sordID"));
        approveProduct(record.getAttribute("supplierOrderID"), record.getAttribute("sodID"),record.getAttribute("sordID"));

private void approveProduct(String supplierOrderID, String sodID, String sordID)
    Record record = new Record();
                                record.setAttribute("supplierOrderID", supplierOrderID);
                                record.setAttribute("sodID", sodID);
                                historyGrid.addData(record, callback);


          DSCallback callback = new DSCallback()
    public void execute(DSResponse response, Object rawData, DSRequest request)
        Record[] records = response.getData();

        if (records != null && records.length > 0)
                             Record record = records[0];
                             JavaScriptObject js = record.getJsObj();                            JSONObject json = new JSONObject(js);                          System.out.println("  records.length    " + records.length);                    for (int i = 0; i < records.length; i++)    {                       Record recordd = records[i];
                                            JavaScriptObject jss = recordd.getJsObj();
                                            JSONObject jsonn = new JSONObject(jss);

and on the server side my add method is very simple for now where I am just printing the data I received from the client

public DSResponse add(DSRequest dsRequest) throws Exception
    DSResponse dsResponse = new DSResponse();
    Long user_idlong = SessionUtills.getSessionUser(dsRequest.getHttpServletRequest());

    System.out.println("sodID       " + dsRequest.getFieldValue("sodID").toString());
    System.out.println("PRODUCT APPROVED !!!!!!!!!!!!!" + " SUPPLIER ORDER ID " + dsRequest.getFieldValue("supplierOrderID").toString());
    return dsResponse;


I have also attached the shot of the issue

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Is there any exception logged in development mode? –  user3218114 Apr 26 at 10:54

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The problem is at server side from where you are sending an empty DSResponse back to client hence at client side you are getting zero length records array.

Return a valid DSResponse that contains all the information of the newly added record.

Please have a look at

Must read The basic flow of logic for handling DataSource requests

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thanks for your comments.it was helpful.. Now taking my code as it is and just want to avoid that empty record,what I need to do. I will appreciate your help. –  ZAJ Apr 27 at 3:33
please help me to clear my doubts –  ZAJ Apr 29 at 6:25
Why not? Please can you tell me how are your calling add() method from client side. –  user3218114 Apr 29 at 6:31
Is data added in database? Are you using ds.xml file? –  user3218114 Apr 29 at 6:34
cheers!!...I have this button which when clicked will fire this method approveProduct(..). In this method I have this addData method which sends the request to the server..historyGrid.addData(record, callback); –  ZAJ Apr 29 at 7:04

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