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I have a div that's set to overflow: auto;. This contents of this div are selectable (using jQuery UI).

When the div overflows and a scrollbar appears, the scrollbar itself becomes selectable so scrolling doesn't work well. In FF/Chrome, I can scroll the div but I get the selectable outline. In Safari, the scroll bar won't engage at all since the click is picked up by selectable's handler.

Is there a selector I can use to add the scrollbar to the 'cancel' items list? Or any other way to prevent the scroll bar from being selectable?

Here's a code snippet of how I'm configuring my selectable div:

$(".mySelectable").selectable( {
    cancel: '.myButton, .notSelectable',
    filter: '.rowSelectable',
    selecting: function(event, ui){
    selected: function(event, ui) {
    unselected: function(event, ui) {

My HTML looks like:

<div class="mySelectable"> <!-- set to auto overflow -->
    <div class="myButton">I can't be selected</div>
    <div class="rowSelectable">I am a selectable row</div>

Ideally, I'm looking for something that I can add to the 'cancel' option which helps skip the scroll bar.

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That depends on what you have inside of the div and how you're getting the focus actions. Can you post some code and a little more description? – Jeff Rupert Feb 25 '10 at 0:39
Added code. What do you mean by "getting the focus"? – psychotik Feb 25 '10 at 1:15
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D'oh! Solution was simple -- add another div and not have it's overflow set. So, the html becomes:

    <div class="wrapperDiv"> <!-- set to auto overflow -->
        <div class="mySelectable"> <!-- NOT set to overflow -->
            <div class="myButton">I can't be selected</div>
            <div class="rowSelectable">I am a selectable row</div>
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To clarify, "not set to overflow" means set overflow: visible; – RobertR Apr 24 '13 at 11:23
To clarify, "not set to overflow" means Not to set overflow property :) and it works – Usman Y Oct 8 '13 at 12:17
The solution has a bug: after scrolling to the bottom the items stop being selectable. – noober Dec 19 '13 at 6:57

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