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I want to convert csv file to xml and i want to send the converted xml file to a queue in activemq..Is there any sample code or any reference websites or blogs please help to find sample code for this program..

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Use the Bindy and Xstream components. From http://workingwithqueues.blogspot.ch/2012/07/converting-csv-to-xml-with-camel-bindy.html (with a JMS endpoint instead of a file endpoint):

DataFormat bindy = new BindyCsvDataFormat("com.package.dto");

For connecting to JMS have a look at the JMS and ActiveMQ components.

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Thanks for the reply Peter...I have this example before its converting file from csv to xml and it can't able to connect with activemq.. –  Rahulbujji Apr 26 at 8:46
@Rahulbujji For connecting to ActiveMQ have a look at camel.apache.org/activemq.html –  Peter Apr 26 at 11:20
@Rahulbujji If the answer helped you, you may mark it as correct –  Peter May 30 at 16:22
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