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In insert mode alt-hjkl will go to normal mode, i dont want.

I want alt-hjkl move the cursor and stay in insert mode.

So,try add this to vimrc but it doesn't work.

noremap! < A-h > < left >

noremap! < A-j > < down >

noremap! < A-k > < up >

noremap! < A-l > < right >

any ideas ? :)

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If that's exactly how you've written it, you've got the syntax (spacing) wrong. Read :h key-notation to learn how to do it right. –  Ingo Karkat Apr 26 at 11:24
if you meant gvim, it is easy... if in terminal.... I was trying to achieve the same, but finally gave up. (urxvt terminal) stackoverflow.com/questions/5379837/… –  Kent Apr 26 at 22:31

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Correct usage is:

inoremap <A-h> <left>
inoremap <A-j> <down>
inoremap <A-k> <up>
inoremap <A-l> <right>
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does this work for terminal vim too? :) see here stackoverflow.com/questions/5379837/… –  Kent Apr 26 at 22:29
ah, you're right...oh well, the Alt key is always problematic, I just avoid it...they seem to be working in the terminal on Windows though :) –  mihai Apr 27 at 7:16

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