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I've had in my Meteor project handlebar helper:

Handlebars.registerHelper('isEq', function(v1, v2, options){
    if(v1 === v2){
        return options.fn(this);
        return options.inverse(this);

But after update to 0.8 and switch from handlebars to spacebars it is not working anymore - I've found in other stackoverflow topic that now I should change Handlebars.registerHelper to UI.registerHelper but it is still not working - anyone know how to implement this properly for spacebars?

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what happens, does it run this helper? – Keith Nicholas Apr 26 '14 at 11:09
I'm getting Deps error in the console - something like this: Exception from Deps recompute function: and many, many lines of weird errors that says nothing to me. – lukaszkups Apr 26 '14 at 11:15
possible duplicate of Check for equality in Spacebars? – KyleMit Mar 26 at 1:37

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You want to use it like the following?

{{#isEq 7 8}}
    They're equal!
    They're not equal :(

From 0.8, block helpers are defined as templates. See

And I think you need to call it with keyword arguments ({{#isEq v1=7 v2=8}}). Although, you should be able to define isEq as an helper, and then use the #if block helper like {{#if isEq 7 8}}.

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I've changed my function to return true or false value and use it like this: {{#if isEq 2 3}} and it worked! Thank You. – lukaszkups Apr 26 '14 at 13:20

I use a UI.registerHelper to add an eq function that can be used in conjunction with {{#if}} in Spacebars.

In the JavaScript code, I register an eq function of two variables that I can call from Spacebars (the system that has replaced Handlebars in Meteor v0.8)

UI.registerHelper('eq', function(v1, v2, options) {
  if(v1 == v2){
    return true
  } else {
    return false

In the HTML, I write:

{{#if eq 1 2}}
They are equal.
They're not equal
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