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I am running a quite simple rails app, that sends emails with ActionMailer whenever a user completes a form.

The problem I have is that DelayedJob is failing without any errors.

I run delayed job by typing:

RAILS_ENV=production bin/delayed_job stop
RAILS_ENV=production bin/delayed_job start

and start running fine.

The problem comes when sometimes I get this message instead of the usual one:

pid-file for killed process 14653 found (/home/rails/tmp/pids/, deleting.

Why is it killed? After that is gone, DJ start shooting off dozens of emails that were 'stuck'.

How can I avoid this? Is it a server issue (maximum running process timeout?)


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My logs dont show any errors, just INFO messages – Trt Trt Apr 26 '14 at 10:19
looks like your job-worker dies at some point. this might help:… – phoet Apr 26 '14 at 15:50

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