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I'm struggling with this basic stuff for weeks already. Can't make simple logs working in my Google App Engine (JAVA) app.

I started from this tutorial. Looks pretty straight forward.

Inside my Endpoint class I've defined a Logger like this:

private static final Logger log = Logger.getLogger(GowMainEndpoint.class.getName());

Then in one of my endpoint methods I tried to log event like:


There is nothing showing up in logs. I have logging.properties file and appengine-web.xml configured just like in the mentioned tutorial.

EDIT: Weird thing: log.warning("test"); is showing up logs...

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Ok I figured it out:

in the logging.properties file I've changed

.level = WARNING


.level = INFO

The comment line says:

# Set the default logging level for all loggers to INFO

but now I got the feeling it should be more like:

# Set the MINIMUM logging level for all loggers to INFO

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