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I created a div in jquery whose width and height set automatically and I would like to assign the height value to line-height.

        'position': 'absolute',
        'left': 0, 'right': 0, 'top': 0, 'bottom': 0,
        'line-height': $(this).height()

But $(this) is the body element so the line-height is the height of body.

Someone has a solution?

Thanks in advance!

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Until that element is inserted into the DOM, it has no height, so your assumptions are wrong. Also note that line-height is set with a number relative to the given font-size, unless a unit is supplied, such as px, em etc. –  adeneo Apr 26 '14 at 11:27

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You can use the callback function. css method will call the function, the returned value of the function is used for setting the property's value:

    'position': 'absolute',
    'left': 0, 'right': 0, 'top': 0, 'bottom': 0,
    'line-height': function() {
        return $(this).height() + "px";

Note that as you haven't added the element to the document the div element's height is 0, you should call the css method after appending the element.

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