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I have a custom control and I would like it to act like a button i.e. when you hover over it changes a little so it seems "clickable" to the user

I actually acheived this using the MouseEnter and MouseLeave events and changing the gradient but...

is there a way to apply a style to the user control and say something like TargetType="button" so that it "acts" like a button automatically?

I feel the way i'm doing it is not the best way

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As sniper says, you can set a Controltemplate for each state.

Alternatively, you can completely replace a control's visual tree with anything you want - while still keeping the control behavior intact. Check out this post by ScottGu on the topic

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This sounds like the best approach to me, depending on what your user control actually does and how complex it is. Remember that a Button is a ContentControl, so you can actually set anything as its Content not just text and then you could tweak the template as you like. If the control starts doing a lot more than a basic button then I might consider deriving from ButtonBase and creating a new default style for the control with the expected parts and states. –  Dan Auclair Feb 25 '10 at 2:35
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In Expression Blend 3, you can edit the different states (Normal, Hover, pressed, selected etc), of any control how you need it. just select your control and click Edit copy template

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Add border object and sets its visibility on mousehover and leave event on the control (This will look like a flat\popup button). Additionally set the control's cursor to hand.

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You can derive your control from ButtonBase, just like Button, HyperlinkButton, Checkbox, etc.

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