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I am developing a game in which I add Facebook sdk to achieve some functionality. I have one problem in deleting all app request which comes from my app let say "ABC".

Complete Scenario:

  1. User A send more than one app request to user B
  2. User B accept all app request of A in one time.
  3. Now User B app delete all app request from our apprequest table(which is in Facebook db). Which comes from user A.

Now problem comes

I can delete one request at a time. But if user B have 50 app requests then this is very hard to delete all requests one by one.

That's why I need a way to delete all request in one shot.

I read doc enter link description here

But not getting how i can delete more than one request. In this doc we are deleting one request a time due to this he is running a loop to delete app requests.

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