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I just had installed VS2013. When I press Up or Down keys in a razor file editor which it is not pure html and has some razor codes VS 2013 slow down and permanently consume ~25% of CPU and everything is slow until I restart the VS.

I noticed that the problem only occurs when the razor document is reopened. If the document is already open when you open the Solution the problem doesn't occur.

I try many things but none of them fix the problem:

  • Disabling Resharper
  • Disabling Productivity Power Tools 2013
  • Deselecting "Rich client visual experience" in the "Options - Environment"
  • Disabling git plug-in or other Source Control: set Current source control plug-in to None

I test it in same machine in VS 2012 and everything was working normal.

Edit: I had tested different scenarios and finally I found out that the following lines cause the problem:

    <li style="@(!User.IsInRole("men") ? "display: none" : "")">Menu1</li>
    <li style="@(!User.IsInRole("women") ? "display: none" : "")">Menu2</li>

If I remove the style="@(!User.IsInRole("men") ? "display: none" : "")" the problem not occurs anymore. Any idea?

Edit: I had reported the problem to microsoft here please upvote for better & quick support.

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More Info: All add-in's and extensions have been disabled. And used VS is update 1. –  Iman Mahmoudinasab Apr 26 at 14:19
Have you tried engaging with Microsoft support? This is the kind of thing they are there for. –  Dan-o Apr 27 at 7:25
Are you working on a local folder or is your project on a network share? –  martinoss Apr 28 at 8:52
@martinoss It is in a local folder. I just create an empty MVC project and add a view blabla.cshtml and past the above codes. and the problem occurs. –  Iman Mahmoudinasab Apr 28 at 8:59
How to run VS in safemode: Devenv.exe /SafeMode –  martinoss May 20 at 15:45

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As you can see in ticket sent to MS , It was a bug which solved in Update 2 RTM of VS2013.

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Try disabling Anti-virus on your system, i had a similar issue on VS2012 project which got resolved with disabling Anti-Virus (later configuration changes by Security team), funny enough i also had issue only with Razor files (McAfee was culprit in my case).

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I don't have any antivirus in my PC. –  Iman Mahmoudinasab May 6 at 12:00

If using TFS I have found that switching over to a server workspace is significantly faster if you have persitent internet connectivity. Otherwise, I would do two things, check the event log for any warnings or errors, and also use the task manager or process explorer.

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