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I have a Queues controller and and QueueItems controller in my rails application. In routes I have defined as below match 'queues/:queue_id/next', :to=> 'queueitems#next' In my QueueItems Controller I have a next action and it assigns an instance variable.

def next
@queue = "Regular"
#other stuffs related to regular

How do I test this in Rspec. I am pretty very new to Rspec. Please help. I tried like the below

describe QueuesController do
    describe "next " do
      it "routes /queues/:queue_id/next" do
        { :get => "/queues/regular_queue/next" }.should route_to(
          :controller => "queue_items",
          :action => "next",
          :queue_id => "regular_queue",
          :format => "json"
        assigns(:queue).should_not be_nil
        expect(response).to be_success

But it is not at all coming inside my next action in controller.

Update #2 spec/controllers/queue_items_controller_spec.rb

require 'spec_helper'
describe QueueItemsController do
        describe 'GET next' do
        it 'assigns @queue' do
          get :next, format: :json
          expect(assigns[:queue]).to eq('regular')


def next
   puts "Inside next action..."
    @queue = "regular"



  get '/queues/:queue_id/next', :to => 'queue_items#next', :format=>'json'

rake routes

GET  /queues/:queue_id/next(.:format)                                                        queue_items#next {:format=>"json"}
                  /queues/:queue_id/delete(.:format)                                                      queue_items#delete {:method=>:delete, :format=>"json"}
                  /queues/:queue_id/clear(.:format)                                                       queue_items#clear {:format=>"json"}
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First of all change match to get or post - it is better to use exactly verb. Let's say it is get.

Action next is in QueueItemsController so test should be in this queue_items_controller_spec.rb file (and in folder spec/controlers).

and test might be similar to

describe QueueItemsController do
  describe "GET next " do

    it "responses json" do
      get :next, format: :json
      expect(response).to be_success

    it "does not response html" do
      get :next, format: :html
      expect(response).not_to be_success # or define more exactly response

    it 'assigns @queue' do
      get :next, format: :json
      expect(assigns[:queue]).to eq('Regular')


if you would like to test your routes you should follow this articles:

https://www.relishapp.com/rspec/rspec-rails/v/2-14/docs/routing-specs https://www.relishapp.com/rspec/rspec-rails/docs/routing-specs/route-to-matcher

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I tried with the above code. But since the routes file defines get 'queues/:queue_id/next', :to=> 'queueitems#next, it is not making the request to controller method. But the test passes. I think again it is checking routing –  rubyist Apr 27 '14 at 4:39
what do you mean it is not making the request to controller method? Tets send real requests to QueueItemsController#next. Would you like to test route matching as well? –  gotva Apr 27 '14 at 6:22
The above tests are not making real requests to QueueItemsController#next. I tried to print some string inside the next method in my controller.. But when I run the specs I should get see that string in the console right? If it is printing in the console, then it means it is making request to controller next action. Is my understanding correct.? I am sorry to say that I am very new to Rspec. –  rubyist Apr 27 '14 at 9:02
The error I am getting is as below. Failure/Error: get :next, format: :json ActionController::RoutingError: No route matches {:format=>:json, :controller=>"queue_items", :action=>"next"} –  rubyist Apr 27 '14 at 9:09
As I understand tests are passed so 1. (about real requests) you can check it changing @queue = "FooBar" - test should be failed. 2 (about printing some text in controller) try puts "Action Next is started" - this should be in rspec output 3. (about error) I need more info: what is test code and where it is placed (what is file), what is you routes (especially rake routes | grep queue_items) –  gotva Apr 27 '14 at 10:50

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