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There are three laptops(L1, L2, L3), one(L1) is connected to internet through ethernet connection. I want to connect other two(L2, L3) laptops wirelessly. Laptop L2 is connected to L1 through wifi created by L1. Laptop L3 is connected to L2 through wifi created by L2. Now L2 work as a router for Laptop L3. So, how we can implement this. And how we will convert L2 as router and create wireless virtual adapter card in L2. Platform used is ubuntu.

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Well, I have found the answer and it involves programming and its not off topic so if somebody can upvote this question to make it active again so that I can post the answer. @DonRoby –  codeFreak Jun 6 at 8:22

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You can use the route command on L2 and L3 and add a default getaway L1 to the route.

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how will wifi created on L1 will send and receive packet at the same time. I thinke we need two wireless adapter card or creating virtual adapter.do we or do we not??? –  codeFreak Apr 26 at 15:45
Yes, you are right. L1 needs 2 adapter and ip-forward. –  Phpdna Apr 26 at 15:48
can you provide me complete steps that I have to follow. I will be very grateful to you. Also thanks for your help –  codeFreak Apr 26 at 15:52
You can do with ifconfig and route. It's left to you as exercise. –  Phpdna Apr 26 at 15:58

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