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Is it possible to select all markers at a time to show all info windows? This is what I tried but it just selects the last object in the array..

If not possible, what is the alternative?

for (GMSMarker *marker in markersArr) 
        [self.mapView setSelectedMarker:marker];

PS: I am using Google Maps SDK for iOS version:

Thanks in advance

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I think you can only display one info window at a time.

An alternative might be to use custom markers, which contain both the marker and the info window (which you'd need to render yourself into the marker image).

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Thanks for your answer.. Can you please give me an example? –  Tim Tuffley Apr 27 at 1:50
OK I got it.. I created a UIView which contains everything I need.. Then converted it to UIImage and added it to marker.icon.. –  Tim Tuffley Apr 27 at 7:05

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