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Hey, How would you, in actionscript 3 make a way to create, log-in, sign-out, etc. of user accounts? I'm mostly looking for an API i can use and if there is, how would I use it?

Alternatively, if there is no way to do it in AS3 as that is a longshot, how could I do it in html using dreamweaver?

FYI: this is for a website.

thanks for your response, -Custard

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Creating user accounts and authenticating them are done at the server side. Actionscript, Javascript, HTML etc are client side languages to define the user interface. You create a signin/signup form using flash/html and post the user-entered data to a server side script (php/asp/jsp or whatever) that handles creating user accounts and/or authenticating them.

Google actionscript login form or html login form for tutorials on how to design a login form using these technologies - there are tons of them out there.

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