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I would like to configure XMonad so that a certain IO () function is evaluated whenever a window is focused, so that I can change some aspects of the environment depending on which window this was. I can't seem to find anything about this in the docs, but I'm sure it exists so presumably I'm looking for the wrong keyword.

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Are you trying to perform an action when a specific window is focused, or when any window is focused? The latter is much harder than the former (I'm not familiar with any modules that give a so-called focus hook). –  acomar Apr 26 at 18:13
When a specific window is focused would be fine, if I can also have something happen when it's unfocused. –  Anschel Schaffer-Cohen Apr 26 at 22:56

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The closest thing is probably logHook :: !(X ()) in the XConfig. You can get the focused window and run your IO action to update the environment, but this hook is described as "The action to perform when the window set is changed", so your updateEnv could be called multiple times in a row with the same window ID (when you swap windows without changing focus, for example).

myLogHook = gets (peek . windowset) >>= liftIO . updateEnv
    updateEnv :: Maybe Window -> IO ()
    updateEnv = undefined
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I think this is what I want; I'll upvote and accept it once I've had time to verify that it works. –  Anschel Schaffer-Cohen Apr 27 at 22:37

You probably want to customize handleEventHook.

Something like this :

myEventHook e@(CrossingEvent {ev_event_type=t, ev_window=win}) 
        | t == enterNotify = do 
                   something with win
                   return $ All True
        | t == leaveNotify = do 
                   something else
                   return $ All True
        | otherwise = return $ All True
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Because CrossingEvents are tied to the mouse pointer, that doesn't do anything when you use the keyboard to change focus, unless you use something like XMonad.Actions.UpdatePointer to make the pointer follow. –  raymonad Apr 26 at 22:35
@raymonad focusIn/focusOut would be the correct events, but it doesn't seem possible to get them (I tried with AnyEvent). I don't know why. –  Leiaz Apr 27 at 11:56

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