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I'm looking for an event that can be fired just right before changing a tab? I have already seen this post, and I have also looked into the tabSelect event in the firefox extension, but I couldn't find any event that can be fired just before the tab change.

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Unfortunately there is no such event.

However you can watch, with a MutationObserver, the type attribute of selected tab's browser element (gBrowser.mCurrentBrowser). When it changes from content-primary to content-targetable it's a signal that a tab switch is in progress.

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Thanks for the answer :) +1. –  Ehsan Apr 28 '14 at 2:10

As paa already noted, there is no event that happens before a tab is selected. What you can use are tricks, e.g. the Object.watch() method (yes, using it isn't exactly recommended). It allows you to listen to changes of the gBrowser.tabContainer.selectedIndex property (the setter of this property is where the select event is being fired):

gBrowser.tabContainer.watch("selectedIndex", function(prop, oldval, newval)
  // New tab being selected, do something here!
  return newval;

The advantage of this approach: by returning oldval from the handler you can prevent the selection from taking place.

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Thanks for the answer :) +1. –  Ehsan Apr 28 '14 at 2:09

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