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I was reading the Tmux source to see how it works. It saw that it uses imsg for its IPC, which I had never even heard of. I've been trying to find out more, but it turns out imsg is kind of hard to google, and I get a lot of results for iMessage.

I found some imsg documentation here, so it seems to be an OpenBSD library. I started looking for a Linux implementation, but I can't find anything. It appears the author(s) of Tmux wrote their own compatibility layer. This kind of surprises me, because imsg seems like it would be really useful. Does Linux have a similar C API for this, that I just don't know about?

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A quick look at the build script shows the following three files:

So the tmux authors ship a copy of OpenBSD's imsg library, which is implemented entirely in user-space.

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Pretty nice. Someone should package this up as a library. –  James McLaughlin Apr 26 at 19:03
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