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I want to know is there a way I can spawn or start a thread using Dispatcher.BeginInvoke() at the same time not blocking the UI because of the thread spawned inside Dispatcher. Basically I am working on a WPF application using MVVM where at the start of this app I need to show a blank view with a textblock(with some default string) on the main window. Till here everything works. now after the view is shown I have to kick off heavy background tasks (these tasks are basically functions in my ViewModel class) and the status of these should be updated on the textblock of the view. I have bound the textblock's text property with a public property say StatusMessage in the ViewModel class. So here I go blind on these questions:

  1. How and where shall I kick off the tasks? in View's code behind or in the MainView Model class? As there is no UI control on the Window I have to launch the task myself by using Dispatcher.BeginInvoke(). by using this I am able to start the tasks but UI status doesn't get updated everytime property changes in ViewModel. I see the recent Updated status that too only when the tasks completed.
  2. I have heard about BackgroundWorker class to offload the heavy tasks that are done on UI thread. here I have a doubt If I use a Dispatcher class to invoke the event which is handled by BackgroundWorker class. will it have any impact on the UI thread I mean will it be blocked or it just returns after raising the event?

some background of the application: It has a Mainwindow which just contains a logo and a MainViewModel (which has a property _viewModel) is set to datacontext of this window. This Mainwindow shows different views depending on what ViewModel is contained in _viewModel. I am somewhat new to wpf and mvvm but this is some kind of requirement that I have to accomplish. Please advise me on this any links are welcome. thanks in advance.

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Dispatcher.BeginInvoke() does not start a Thread or Task. It just reschedules work on the main thread. –  Henk Holterman Apr 26 '14 at 19:10
@HenkHolterman thanks for clearing the doubt regarding Dispatcher.BeginInvoke().I am able to perform the task using BackgroundWorker class and invoking it's dowork event asynchronously. –  dev Apr 29 '14 at 13:58

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