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i have a file full of integers, sorted, i need to get the content of the file to a list. the file looks something like this:


i know it's possible to read line by line and push_back, but the file count more than 500 000 line so is their a quick way to do this?

the goal is to see if an integer is in the file, so i need to convert to list and then do a binary_search, if you have a better idea, i'll be gratefull.

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Depends if it's a one off search or something that you want to do multiple times. –  murrekatt Apr 26 at 19:38
Review the std::map container to take advantage of its log n search performance. Then think about how to use each integer as a key. The value can be the number of times that key appears in the file. –  CPlusPlus OOA and D Apr 26 at 19:39
Are integers in your file already sorted ? –  AntiClimacus Apr 26 at 19:39
So, you do not actually want a std::list, but a std::vector, still better a std::unordered_list. –  Deduplicator Apr 26 at 19:43
the file is sorted ; like shown in the example –  Reda Apr 26 at 19:47
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If you want to search multiple times I suggest putting the file content into a hash table. This gives you O(1) lookup which is optimal.

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I like this idea better than my suggestion on std::map –  CPlusPlus OOA and D Apr 26 at 19:41
hi, i just want to see if an Int exist for example if 45 exists in the file –  Reda Apr 26 at 19:43
Are the candidates known before? Are they hard-coded? In both cases read them in and immediately test them. Otherwise, std::unordered_map stays the proper container. –  Deduplicator Apr 26 at 19:44
@Reda, if you only want to do it once you need no list either or any other data structure for that matter. Just operate on the file. This is the fastest. Think like this: if you do it once and you process all the file to put things into any data structure you already saw if the number was there that you want to look for, hence no need to data structure. –  murrekatt Apr 26 at 19:45
do you meean read the file line by line ? –  Reda Apr 26 at 19:49
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To read into list you can use std::istreambuf_iterator:

std::ifstream t( "file.txt");
std::list<int> l( ( std::istreambuf_iterator<int>( t)),
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nice and elegant! –  vsoftco Apr 26 at 19:52
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I would do this like:

#include <iostream>
#include <iterator>
#include <unordered_set>

int main() {
  std::ifstream t { "file.txt", ios::ate };
  std::unordered_set s;
  s.insert(std::istream_iterator<int>(t), std::istream_iterator<int>());
// now you can use s.find(key) to see if something is in the set
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