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I have a project (Rails based), where users log in using Google Oauth 2. Are there any way to get that user's videos from Youtube?

After logging in through Oauth2 I recieve access_token and refresh_token. There is a gem for using youtube API, so I tried this approach:

#credentials contain my youtube answer
client = YouTubeIt::OAuth2Client.new(
  client_access_token: credentials[:token],
  client_refresh_token: credentials[:refresh_token],
  client_id: "my_application_client_id",
  client_secret: "my_application_client_secret",
  dev_key: "my_application_dev_key",
  expires_at: credentials[:expires_at]

But when I try to fetch user videos:


I recieve the Token invalid error in API answer.

Some ideas about how to show user his videos?

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You need to head over to https://github.com/kylejginavan/youtube_it/wiki/How-To:-Use-OAuth-2 and read up on how to get a dev_key and a client_id and a client_secret. Because you not only need the authorization of the user to query his videos, but you also need to authorize your application with the youtube API

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