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I am trying to retrieve my SMS log using the REST api but I can't figure out how to filter DateSent to be >= or <= than given date.

TwilioRestClient client = new TwilioRestClient(ACCOUNT_SID, AUTH_TOKEN); 
Map<String, String> filters = new HashMap<String, String>();
filters.put("DateSent", "2014-04-27");
filters.put("To", "+XXXXXXXXX");    
MessageList messages = client.getAccount().getMessages(filters);

According to documentation here https://www.twilio.com/docs/api/rest/message#list-get-filters you are allowed to send >= or <=, but can't figure out where to put the inequality.

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That Twilio documentation certainly is incomplete and confusing.

Try this: filters.put("DateSent>", "2014-04-27");

You can even pass two parameters to retrieve messages between dates:

filters.put("DateSent>", "2014-04-20");
filters.put("DateSent<", "2014-04-27");
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Thanks this worked. One issue I was having was not getting any Message logs when I removed the Request URL from my number. That was driving me crazy!... Anyways for now this works since I have resorted to poll Messages to see If I get what I want. I know all about the Server Request URL but I used this on a headless client with no capability to be reached outside the network. –  noelportugal Apr 27 at 20:47
I'm glad that it's working for you now. Please be so kind as to accept this answer as correct. Good luck. –  TwHello Inc Apr 28 at 5:59

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