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I've got a thread that invokes a function MyFunc with parameters params. Basically it outputs dots in a stream while MyFunc is running, with timeout 500 ms. I need to wait for a thread for 1 minute, then I need to output either "MyFunc successfully completed" if the function finishes its work within 1 min or "Timeout" if after 1 min it is still running. How can I do that ?

std::future<void> f = std::async(std::launch::async, MyFunc, params);

std::chrono::milliseconds span(500);
while (f.wait_for(span) == std::future_status::timeout)
    std::cout << '.';
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You can use wait_for(),without a problem.

std::future<void> f = std::async(std::launch::async, MyFunc, params);

auto because = std::async(std::launch::async,[&]() 
           // for your use, you may want to change it from 0 seconds to something
           // like 1 second, or 500 ms
           while(f.wait_for(std::chrono::seconds(0)) != std::future_status::ready)
               std::cout << ".";

if(because == std::future_status::ready) 
  std::cout << "Successfully Completed\n";
  std::cout << "Timeout";
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Remember when you started waiting, or count the number of times you waited. Then you check those values on each iteration and determine whether more than 1min has passed. In that case you exit the loop.

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