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I do a full text search using LIKE clause and the text can contain a '%'.

What is a good way to search for a % sign in an sqlite database?

I did try

    SELECT * FROM table WHERE text_string LIKE '%[%]%' 

but that doesn't work in sqlite.

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From the SQLite documentation

If the optional ESCAPE clause is present, then the expression following the ESCAPE keyword must evaluate to a string consisting of a single character. This character may be used in the LIKE pattern to include literal percent or underscore characters. The escape character followed by a percent symbol (%), underscore (_), or a second instance of the escape character itself matches a literal percent symbol, underscore, or a single escape character, respectively.

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SELECT * FROM table WHERE text_string LIKE '%\%%' ESCAPE '\'; That worked! – DeepBlack Apr 27 '14 at 2:44

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