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I went through complete lesson on cakephp's ACL component, but gigantic ACL component do not seem to meet my very simple requirements.

I have only group based access control, three groups are users, managers and administrators the fourth is a anonymous users without logins for which I am not creating any group.

from acl concept it creates three table

aros -> this looks somewhat redundant data copied from groups table, I dont even need to have a group table but just field group_id in users table.

acos -> this is a list of public methods in controllers, I had to use AclExtra plugin to populate over 250+ actions in table, now this is the part which I think un-manageable, I noticed that tool used to populate acos table cannot reliably sync everytime when I do changes in controllers, the same work must be done at remote site for each changes that means terrible thing! this also mean i have to have a database backup during updates and migration.

Other side if I use php file based acos that is again un-manageable because we have to make sure syncing between controller and acl file.

aros_acos -> obviously

can we have a simpler mechanism something like i deny all actions using Auth component and then inside each action or maybe in beforeRender method i can specify what methods are open to what group ?


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If you only need simple group based access, dont even touch ACL. It's overhead in that case - use a simple approach such as tiny instead. –  mark Apr 27 at 5:38
@mark yes i have realized this is not for this case, instead of helping it will become cumbersome i guess its for be ultra size complex portals –  treemonster19 Apr 27 at 11:17
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