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I'm following this question: Rails with backbone-rails: asset helpers (image_path) in EJS files.

I have my .jst.ejs.erb files in app/assets/javascripts/templates.

My code in a template looks like:

<li><%= link_to "Sign In", new_user_session_path %> </li>

But I'm getting the error:

undefined local variable or method `new_user_session'

even though my rake routes command shows there is definitely a route there.

I have a ejs.rb initalizer that looks like:

EJS.evaluation_pattern    = /\{\{([\s\S]+?)\}\}/
EJS.interpolation_pattern = /\{\{=([\s\S]+?)\}\}/

If I try what the second answer suggests, there aren't any errors on the page, but it shows "False" where the link should go.

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i guess this will work

<li><%= link_to "Sign In", new_user_session_path %> </li>
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Oops, forgot to change that back when I was trying to fix the problem. But it still doesn't fix it? –  the_ Apr 27 '14 at 3:37

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