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I'm making a Haskell data type that represents mixed MathJax and Markdown. I am using Pandoc (as a library) to handle this stuff. I have figured out that the default ReaderOption for Pandoc will treat anything in $'s as math, as I expect. But it seems that if I set HTMLMathMethod to MathJax, I have to pass in the URL to a MathJax script. But I already have MathJax set up to load for my site globally. Is there a clean way to fix this, or should I just make sure I have the MathJaxes synched?

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Not sure if that helps, but I use mathjax on my site and load it by myself - I just set writerHTMLMathMethod = MathJax "" –  rafalio Apr 27 at 8:54
@rafalio: that worked. I was worried it would make an empty <link>, but it works great. If you make an answer, I'll accept it. –  nomen Apr 27 at 17:38
Ha, thanks, some points for me :) Didn't post as an answer at first since I wasn't sure that's what you are looking for, glad it helped. –  rafalio Apr 27 at 19:16

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Setting this as follows should make it work without you having to pass any URL

writerHTMLMathMethod = MathJax ""
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