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I'm new to this so sorry it if doesn't make much sense.

I'v created a simple 2d game with Python 3.4 and Pygame and I want to create an exe file that includes python 3.4, the pygame module, the game files and launches the python game file when opened.


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py2exe would work – AHuman Apr 27 '14 at 6:02
py2exe doesn't work with Python 3.4 – Spacenaut Apr 27 '14 at 6:08
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If you're using Python 3.x, you can use cx_Freeze.

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PyInstaller works like a charm.

  1. Install PyInstaller found here, move it into your Python directory.
  2. Move your .py file into your Python folder(normally C:\Python34)
  3. Start Menu>Run>cmd
  4. Enter this command: cd C:\Python[press tab here], then enter
  5. Then this command: cd PyInstaller[press tab here], then enter
  6. move your .py file into the PyInstaller directory
  7. (Still in cmd) put in this command: pyinstaller.py --onefile --noconsole "your.py file".py
  8. Hit enter, navigate to the directory in the PyInstaller directory named after your file, go to "dist", and there will be your file.

EDIT: Not sure if pyinstaller accepts 3.4, sorry.

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