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The shell script code present here is it working fine. I have used it but its decryption is partial. I opened the decrypted file in "SQLite Database Browser 2.0 b1" It creates table only.It is not inserting data.

I have used it in php by calling

shell_exec("wacrypt5.sh abc@gmail.com msgstore.db.crypt5 > msgstore.db");
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just sigh, why do you even bother? –  Dagon Apr 27 at 6:24
I want to decryt whats app database. With this script I am able to do. Please help me out. –  user3567511 Apr 27 at 6:32
Please try at least to format your question and make sure it is self contained. –  owlstead Apr 27 at 11:37
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Yes it is working fine. did you read the article it got some valuable information. read it carefully before use the code.

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I am using PhpMyAdmin can anybody tell me how to import .db file in PhpMyAdmin –  user3567511 Apr 27 at 11:23
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