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I am using rails 2.3.5 (can't upgrade at this point). I am trying to do a find based on existence of several params. Here is my code:

qstr = "customer_name_id = ?"
qparams = [customer_engagement.customer_id]
unless customer_engagement.games_opened_since.nil?
    qstr << " and created_at >= ?"
    qparams << customer_engagement.games_opened_since
Issue.find(:all, :conditions => [qstr, qparams]).each_with_index do |issue,index|

When I run this code I get this error:

wrong number of bind variables (1 for 2) in: customer_name_id = ? and created_at >= ?

Can someone help me with this?

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Can you print what are the values of qparams, make sure it have 2 values. – saurabh Apr 27 '14 at 6:20

I believe that the array you're passing to :conditions if customer_engagement.games_opened_since is not nil is:

["customer_name_id = ? and created_at >= ?", [customer_engagement.customer_id, customer_engagement.games_opened_since]]

You don't want qparams to be an array within the array you're passing to :conditions. You want your array to end up looking like this:

["customer_name_id = ? and created_at >= ?", customer_engagement.customer_id, customer_engagement.games_opened_since]

Changing your code to this should do the trick:

qconditions = ["customer_name_id = ?", customer_engagement.customer_id]
unless customer_engagement.games_opened_since.nil?
  qconditions[0] << " and created_at >= ?"
  qconditions << customer_engagement.games_opened_since
Issue.find(:all, :conditions => qconditions).each_with_index do |issue,index|
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IIRC, you can use an anonymous scope:

issues = Issue.scoped({})
issues = issues.condition "customer_name_id = ?", customer_engagement.customer_id
issues = issues.condition "created_at >= ?", customer_engagement.games_opened_since if customer_engagement.games_opened_since
issues.each_with_index do |issue, index|
  # ...
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