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I am teaching myself Perl from a book, and have the following code fragment which produces an error message
Argument "?M-\0M-^S10" isn't numeric in numeric comparison (<=>) at ./Ch14.pl line 7.

The result of the sort seems to be OK, and I can't seem to find the reason for the error.

#!/usr/bin/env perl
use warnings;
use strict;

my @numbers = qw/17 1000 04 1.50 3.14159 –10 1.5 4 2001 90210 666/;

sub by_number { $a <=> $b }

my @sorted = sort by_number @numbers;
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The sign you have there is not a -, it's an EN DASH (U+2013). Delete and re-type it with the minus button on your keyboard.

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Thanks - this fixed the problem. I would still like to understand the error message if possible –  Milliways Apr 27 at 8:48
The error message is mangled because of some encoding problem somewhere. Since it's not the minus sign, that "–10" is treated as a string, and <=> only works on numbers. –  Mat Apr 27 at 8:54

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