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I want to do something like this:

in controller:

if ...
flash[:notice]="the result is" + res

However, I found that it does not work, and the error message is like this:

no implicit conversion of Fixnum into String
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I am not sure if the question is downvote, since at least 7 of my classmates think this is extremely useful and believe the question is very clear. But is OK, finally I got the right answer in 3 minutes. –  user2049259 Apr 27 at 22:42

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You need to convert it to the res variable which is an integer to a string:

flash[:notice]="the result is" + res.to_s
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I would do it using string interpolation:

flash[:notice] = "the result is #{res}"

Which is better than concatenation (using + ) because:

  1. Its faster
  2. As you can see it automatically do .to_s for you
  3. Less typing (developers are lazy ofcourse)

See this SO question for more details and comparison

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